The World Lighting Journey is a photo library of nightscapes and lighting environments from cities worldwide. Lighting Detectives hopes this database will be a catalyst for future discussion on urban lightscapes and local lighting culture. Lighting Detectives encourages all web viewers to send nightscape from your hometown to add to our ever-expanding photo library.

Other photos in Osaka - Street
日本_大阪_道頓堀_014 道頓堀_川辺の視点 道頓堀_えびす橋からネオン立面 道頓堀_えびす橋
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DSC_3479@東京湾海上 013_00130021_TWN_Taipei_20060815-18_TAN+YAM 道頓堀_えびす橋からネオン立面 013_00130020_TWN_Taipei_20060815-18_TAN+YAM 014_00030016_HUN_Budapest_VaciStreet_19911208 道頓堀_メインストリート 道頓堀_えびす橋 道頓堀_川辺の視点