Photo Competition


FIND a spot, TAKE and POST photos of lighting at marketplace with hash tag #LDphoto24.

Can not refuse that everyone must have the experience to go to convenience store (7-eleven, Lawson, Circle K, etc.) or supermarket or market (fresh market & night market) in every week.
There are different lightings in market with day light or artificial lighting. For example, 7-eleven lighting is different in Japan and Denmark.
Let’s explore lighting in the market around the world. Wherever you travel, live in somewhere, please feel free to share your lighting in market to us.

■Photo Competition Procedure:
1, Take photos under the theme of “Lighting at MARKET.”
2, Post them in your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, WeChat,Weibo(微博) and Little red book(小红书) with hush tag #LDPHOTO24. Or you can simply send them via Email to
Please also write text to describe why you took the photos and what you want to say with them.

3. After the deadline, we will collect all photos and decide the best three photos.
We will announce the winner sometime in April.

4. The photo have selected will be post on our lighting detective media (website/ Instagram/ facebook).

Feb 1st, 2024 till Mar.31, 2024

1st Place AMAZON GIFT CARD USD500 (1 person)
2nd Place AMAZON GIFT CARD USD300 (2 person)

We are looking for‥‥
Photos that represent lighting market in your city where you have been,
Photos that explain lighting culture of your city where you have been.
Unique photos under the lighting in market.
Photos that show the lighting impressed you in any market.