Photo Competition Result!


The 2024 Photo Competition was held under the theme of “Lighting at Market,” and we received over 100 photographs.

The judging panel recently held a panel meeting to select the winners based on criteria such as whether the photos were in line with the theme, had the right composition, balance, focus, aesthetics, cultural characteristics, and originality, and the following three photos were selected as the winners.

We will be posting the photos that did not win awards on our Facebook and Instagram pages as they become available.



1st Place 

Night markets in Mong Kok

by Xiang Li

Vitality in the hustle and bustle- A daily scenes at Fa Yuen Street Market in Mong Kok: I tried to capture the unique vibrancy and vitality of Fa Yuen Street Market in Mong Kok at night. “Vitality in the bustle” reflects the bustle and bustle of the street market, while also hinting at the endless life stories and interactions between vendors and customers. “Daily Pictures” emphasizes that this set of pictures records ordinary and real life scenes and street landscapes composed of stalls. Each picture is part of the pulse of the city. I hope to convey the cultural atmosphere and human touch of Hong Kong’s unique street markets through this work.

Judge Comment
It captures the vibrant atmosphere of the night market, vividly illuminated by fluorescent and LED lamps used by shops.
Strip lights and neon signs installed along the streets create a welcoming ambience and transform the night market into an attractive space.
Additionally, the upper floors of buildings were illuminated from ground level with a subtle glow as the background, contrasting with the market below and creating a sense of calm.
The contrast between light and shadow of the markets and residences seems to symbolize the vitality and diversity of this space.

2nd Place

Chinta Market , Trang , Thailand

by Sunsern Wattanasin

At the night market in Trang, people usually find something to eat after dinner.

Judge Comments
This image represents the vivid lighting in the market, which is not just focused on the food but also has some ambient light for the face.
The interaction of people makes this image look lively and represents the atmosphere of the market.
The composition and esthetic of these photos, which close up to the reaction during buying some food with a face and are interactive between the seller and client, make us feel lively and understand what the photographer wants to represent.

Venice, Italy

by Mayumi Banno

Campo della Pescaria, Venice, Italy
Visiting the local market is always quite fun for a tourist like me to experience the vibrancy and local life.
On this trip, I came across a morning market selling fresh seafood. Watching the lively interactions between the enthusiastic shopkeepers and the serious customers never gets boring. Since there are no light sources other than the task lights illuminating the fresh fish counters, my gaze naturally focuses on the counters. It’s charming to see handwritten signs clipped between the fixtures in a way that doesn’t interfere with the lighting.

Judge Comments
This photo focuses on this stall, using a strong contrast between light and dark to highlight the seafood products on the stall.
At night, the suitable cold light shines on a variety of seafood, which seems to make the seafood much fresher in the surrounding dark environment.
The stall owner is bargaining with the buyer, and the vividness of the transaction process can be seen in the static photos, making the normal daily moment full of vitality.


Congratulation Xiang, Sunsern, and Mayumi!!