Lighting Detectives wants to come to your city!

How to invite Lighting Detectives to your town.

Lighting Detectives are looking for new and exciting cities and individuals to host the annual Forum! We want to share our lighting knowledge with you and your city while learning from the local lighting culture of your area.

Whom to invite:Academic institution, university, college, NPO and local government.

Annual Forum

The Tanteidan Annual Forum is an annual international event where core members from around the world gather in a host city to discuss the local lighting culture. The first forum was held in Tokyo in 2002, with the venue trekking its around the globe every year.


Depending on the host city the forum menu is subject to change and always open to suggestions. Below are some menu selections.

Main Menu:

1. Lecture and / or symposium
2. Exhibition
3. Night City Tour

Sub Menu:

4. City Survey Practice
5. Workshop
6. Light Up Ninja / Preformance

Around the world and from place to place unique lighting and local cultures are waiting to be discovered. The Lighting Ditectives core members are rich in lighting experiences and experts in their fields. We would like to continue to use the Annual Forum as a platform to discuss and think about the lighting of tomorrow with the rest of the world.

Main Program

These 3 programs are essential for any Annual Forum. It is recommended that every Annual Forum included them in the schedule.

Lecture and/or Symposium

A lecture and/or symposium is one of the main programs for the forum. The lecture is based on a mutual theme that Lighting Detectives core members each address in short presentation on the lighting culture of their base city. As an extension of the lecture, the symposium is an open discussion along the same theme. Core members are lighting designers, professors, artists, project coordinators, ect., through different endeavors, each individual is deeply tied to and very familiar with lighting design. Since all Lighting Detectives members come from various backgrounds, the discussion can grow and develop from a variety of angles concerning issues in the urban lighting environment.


The Lighting Detectives originated in 1990 with activities going global in 2000 with the inception of the Transnational Lighting Detectives. Since, the Lighting Detectives have surveyed cities worldwide and accumulated a rich reserve of urban lighting data. This data is readily available for display during the duration of the Forum.

Night City Tour

Typically the first night of the forum in dedicated to the Night City Tour. Those attendees actively participating in the forum all gather for a night tour of the host city`s urban lighting environment. Past tours have been by open-air bus, boat, and on foot to observe the lights of high-rise office buildings, canal ways or other unique areas. This is an opportunity for all to share a common lighting experience and mutually discover the local lighting culture in a fun and relaxing environment.

Sub Program

These 3 programs can be added based on the coordinating city`s preference. Surely, more fun to come with more activities!

City Survey Practice

In order to grasp, compare, and contrast many different lighting environments, the survey of cities worldwide is an important on-going activity. The “World Lighting Journey” is a database for over 60 cities, which the Lighting Detectives compile and regularly update. The Lighting Detective survey library serves as a foundation of data, important when comparing lighting environments from around the world. It is our continuing goal to organize and make this database available to the public.


Workshops are usually student or children-based. Student-based workshops include group fieldwork and a keen study of urban lighting environments. Children-based workshops teach children about light and dark through play and simple crafts.

Light Up Ninja

It isn’t the illumination of the monumental kind, often found extravagantly lighting up towers, bridges, or castles, but simple experiments to find appeal in the typical, by illuminating scenes buried in daily life. We are not just in the business of adding light, but also eliminating unnecessary or unpleasant light to create beauty and comfort in the nightscape closest to us.

Contact us

Please contact Lighting Detective Headquarters or download the Annual Forum Package for more details.