Book: Transnational Lighting Detectives

Transnational Lighting Detectives

Book: Transnational Lighting Detectives

By: Kaoru Mende
Publisher: Kajima Publishing
Printing: August 30, 2004
212 pg; 14.5cm x 21cm
English / Japanese
Price: \2625 inclucing tax

The book “Transnational Lighting Detectives” introduces numerous pictures from the World Lighting Journey Exhibit, summaries of six presentations on residential lighting from the Stockholm forum in August 2003, and other events and activities of the Lighting Detectives.

Over a period of 14 years, an enormous collection of photographs was accumulated and for this book, sorting through the piles to find the best shots proved to be a strenuous job. But through these efforts pictures of Copenhagen streets wrapped in the blue moment, the competitive style of Las Vegas lights, the booming nightscape of Shanghai, and the goods and bads of Tokyo nightscape were found and rescued. Each section is fitted with an appropriate title to express each city and it’s distinctive collection of nightscapes. Some of the nightscapes no longer exist, but comparing past and present views of these continually changing cities is also an interesting way to enjoy this book. This book is also equipped with correlating maps allowing you, the reader, to explore and become a lighting detective!

In addition, short columns about nightscapes and light in general were written by Hiroshi Hara, architect, Masahiko Shimada, author, and others from a variety of professions.

Table of Contents

1. Nightscapes from Around the World
Paris / Berlin / Chicago / Bangkok / Lyon / Istanbul / Las Vegas / Singapore / London / Venice / Buenous Aires / Shanghai / Copenhagen / Barcelona / Sydney / Tokyo / Moscow / New York / Munbai

2. Residential Lighting from Around the World
Copenhagen: Light framed by a window is warm and inviting.
Stockholm: Lighting devices help with the winter blues.
Hamburg: A cozy kitchen is a gathering place for the family.
Washington: The desolate countryside is consumed by oversized houses.
Singapore: Tropical rays creeping into a cool interior.
Tokyo: What looks like a bright, white UFO floats in the center of the room.

3. What is the Transnational Lighting Detectives?
Search for Heroes & Villains
The Pleasure of City Walks
Briefly Illuminate and Quickly Escape!
Light-Up Guerillas
Discussing the Culture of Light Events, Symposia, & Exhibitions
Transnational Lighting Detectives
The Forum
Lighting Detectives

Hiroshi Hara: Tiny Light in the Darkness
Masahiko Shimada: A koban that even sells apples.
Kazuko Koike: Light / Symbols of Return and Separation
Satoshi Asakawa: Where is the Light for?
Kenya Hara: A City Fast Asleep