Detective Note

Vol.023 – The Benefits of Traveling


Theme: The Benefits of Traveling
Interviewer: Xu Xiao


XU: Today I would like to talk about the benefits of traveling with Mr Mende. Traveling could open our minds to new things, experience new culture, meet new people and make new friends, get to know their stories and see how other people live, get relaxation from regular life, increase knowledge, create memories for a lifetime, try different food in different cities, face challenges. I have learned snorkeling from Tioman Island trip & Phuket trip, and I have found that is a very exciting activity.

MEN: Previously you did not swim?

XU: No, I could not swim previously, as my hometown is surrounded by mountains, I have never seen beach before. Does Mr Mende also have experience of the benefits of traveling?

MEN: Yes. There are different kinds of traveling, for example: 独り旅(ひとりたび) 1 person traveling, 二人旅(ふたりたび )2 persons traveling, 団体旅行(だんたいりょこう) group traveling. For me, たび is different from りょこう, たびis more sensitive, just for making mind free, escaping from daily life, it is healthier for the life, such as 心の旅(こころのたび). 独り旅(ひとりたび) 1 person traveling is the most important kind of traveling for me, sometimes I have二人旅(ふたりたび )2 persons traveling together with my wife, but I have never been tried group traveling because it is only for paying the charges and you have to wait for many people. What is your priority of those benefits?

XU: Maybe “experience new cultures” and “try different food in different cities”. Though we could read the information of the cultures from books but we could not know how is the real life in the cities where we travel to, and also could only taste the food in the cities where we travel to. I am interested in Japan’s culture long time ago, from primary school I was interested in Japanese manka, anime, novels, TV drama, and movies, I was curies about how Japanese lives in the real life, but I have never had a chance to go. However, I am going to Kansai area at the end of this October.

MEN: Really? Are you going with your husband?

XU: Yes, with my husband and my son. Normally, before traveling, I read some traveling books to learn more information. I have learned from the books that Tokyo is a quiet and clean city; Osaka is hustle and busle, like Dotonbori’s shops all have big signboards, very big crab, huge hand with sushi, big Takoyaki(たこ焼き), kind like telling people “we are having happy life here, come and join us”; Kobe has many European style buildings and food; Kyoto has beautiful views in Spring and Autumn, where I would like to see Momiji (もみじ)very much; Nara has deer (しか)and源氏物語 (げんじものがたり) Museum which is for the 1st novel in the world. We want to visit LPA project Kyoto Station which was completed in 1997, we also want to visit Nanpa Parks which the architect John.A. Jerde who also designed partially of Roppongi Hills. We also would like to try different food, like Kani (かに), Fugu(ふぐ), お好み焼き(おこのみやき) ,たこ焼き(たこやき), 和牛(わぎゅう), 蛋包飯(オムライス), Ice Dog and so on.

MEN: When are you going?

XU: End of October early November.

MEN: End of October is still too early for Momiji, normally end of November is good for mominji, and nowadays because of global warming, sometimes in December can see momiji. And also the best season for Fugu(ふぐ) is winter, around December. Do you take photo during the trip? Recently, it is much easier to take photos during the trip, but I am so disappointed that many people never see, never watch carefully, just take photos, post photos, then change to another place. The traveling attitude changed a lot, they don’t have time to feel something, think about something, watch carefully of human life, especially the young people, they know the sightseeing places from website, the traveling purpose is just for confirming, it is not good attitude.

XU: Yes, I take photo. And I read an article last week talking about traveling with kids, mentioned if you could go 2-3 places in a day, then should only go 1 place with the kids, this could let them to watch carefully and learn more knowledge from the trip. Sometimes, I think travel slowly, enjoy the local life during the trip is better, maybe relaxing at the beach with a book and a cup of tea, feel the nice wind and waves is good enough.

MEN: Traveling also has different purposes. 独り旅(ひとりたび) 1 person traveling sometimes is just try to find out who am I which is a never ending question, much more deep impression. 二人旅(ふたりたび )2 persons traveling is for sharing something, for creating family memories. My wife travels sometimes only for walking along the city, just for the nature. Company trip is for communication among the company staff. We should enjoy different styles of traveling, and during the trip should try to knock the local people’s door, see the interiors of local house and enjoy the local people’s life.