Candle Night

CANCELED: Candle Night Winter Solstice 2006


Candle Night @ Omotesando, scheduled for December 21, 2006, has been canceled.

It is unfortunate that this annual December event, started in 2003 along Cat Street, will not be held this winter solstice. Instead of holding this event twice a year, once in December and again in June, we have decided to concentrate all of our efforts on the summer solstice, maybe event making it a more festive event than before.

The “Turn off the lights and take it slow” campaign competes with Christmas retail and the festive nature of Omotesando during this season. This year Omotesando is also planning a grand, month-long lighting event, Eco Avenue, which will make it even harder to create interest for the Candle Night event.

In conjunction with the Community Planning Board for Omotesando the Candle Night event will be held on the summer solstice only. We thank you for your understanding and continued support to make the Omotesando summer event bigger and better than ever. However, the Candle Night event will still be held nationwide on the winter solstice and we encourage all our friends at Candle Night @ Omotesando to take it slow, and enjoy your own private candle light on this night and others. See you again next summer!!

Candle Night @ Omotesando Planning Committee
Kaoru Mende