Transnational Lighting Detectives Forum 2019 in Shenzhen



TransNational Lighting Detectives Forum has been held almost every year since 2002.
Last year, it was held in Santiago, Chile in October, and this year will be held in Shenzhen, China in May.
Shenzhen continues to make rapid progress, and more than 40 buildings’ façade are collectively operated, and it seems that movie shows are taking place every night as if you were watching one huge screen.
We will have a forum to think about the night view of the future in such a large city.

TransNational Lighting Detectives Forum 2019 in Shenzhen Outline

■Theme: Shenzhen Nightscape 2030
■Date:17(FRI)~19(SAT) May.
■Symposium Venue:(TBD)
5/17 PM Talk Session&Night walk
5/18 AM&PM Review on night walk&Preparation for presentation
5/19 AM Preparation for presentation
    PM Presentation、Debate、Farewell Party
※Flight and accommodation are not provided.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us(
by E-mail.