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2023.11.27  Noriko Higashi

We invited architectural historian Mr. Hidenobu Jinnai to talk about the waterfront

We had our third “Lounge Talk with Mr. Mende and Friends” live streamed on YouTube.
The theme was “Light on the waterfront. We delivered an enjoyable one-hour talk with Mr. Hidenobu Jinnai, a guest who was perfect for the theme. The third installment of “Lounge Talk withMr.Mende and Friends” was held after a year’s absence. We invited architectural historian, Mr. Hidenobu Jinnai as a guest and delivered a one-hour talk live. Mr. Jinnai has been researching waterside urban planning for many years, having studied in Venezia after graduating from university. Whenever the theme of the Lighting Detectives’ events has been waterfront lighting, we have always invited Mr. Jinnai and asked for his opinions. In this episode, He reviewed the Lighting Detectives’ practical lecture series, the Sumida River houseboat tour in 1996, and an interview in 1998 in which he asked the audience to predict the nightscape of Tokyo in 2050, as well as the proposal for Tokyo waterside lighting created by the LPA for the “2050” exhibition held in 2016. He reviewed the “Tokyo Nightscape Proposal” that LPA created for that exhibition, and discussed his vision for the future of waterside lighting and which areas have great potential.

Broadcast live from LPA’s lounge

In the preliminary meeting, we had talked about ending the live stream in about 45 minutes, but the conversation kept going, and Mr. Mende and Mr. Jinnai seemed to be able to talk forever, but since it was a one-hour program, we ended it in one hour, although it was a bit like we were rushing to finish it up. Next time, we would like to plan a plan to actually walk along the waterfront with Mr. Jinnai, not from the lounge. The video streaming is archived, so don’t miss it out. Please look forward to the next Lounge Talk.

Coming Soon!! The “Lighting Detectives: Night View Broadcasting Club – Lighting Journey” will be posted!

Here’s a sneak peak of the video!

We have introduced video to our urban nightscape surveys, which until now have been reported using only photos and text. Our goal is to provide nightscapes in motion that can only be captured by video, giving the survey reports a sense of realism. This year, we have already completed interesting surveys in Iwakuni, Miyajima, Urumqi, Taipei, Taichung, Izumo, etc., and they have already taken videos. Video with sound and movement is both powerful and immersive. Since the video is dedicated to night views, it will be a bit different from typical travel programs, so please look forward to the finished product! As soon as the video is completed, we will distribute it on YouTube as we go along, so please take a look.

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