Global Research

HOI AN, Vietnam


Hoi An was once a flourishing intermediate city of trade. Now, the city is trying to protect the traditional streetscape to appeal as a tourist destination. The nostalgic lantern festival, which was held every full moon, is being reintegrated, as they take on a “back to the basics” attitude towards modern city life. Compared to cities developing vigorously, but blindly economically, Hoi An growth is more diverse.


Street vendors line alleyways with festive displays of lanterns. The fantastic atmosphere raises the mood and adds a functional amount of light to these dim side streets with out any street lighting.


Built in the 16th century, the Japanese Covered Bridge is a focal point of the old streetscape. Many lanterns hang from the ceiling and spotlights mounted between the roof and bridge softly highlight its features.


Inside, cafes are also filled the lanterns, great for creating a relaxing environment. At first glance candles or incandescent lamps seem fitting, but these lanterns are actually all fitted with fluorescent lamps.