Children's Workshop

Lighting Detectives Workshop in iLight Marina Bay


Lighting Detectives Workshop in iLight Marina Bay

16.03.05-03.27 Quratuaini bte Jamil

Each was a unique artwok module

Lighting Detectives has been collaborating with iLIGHT Marina bay 2016 for our workshop. The theme for this year’s iLIGHT was In Praise of Shadows. This theme also coincides with our lighting design philosophy- being sensitive and appreciating shadows. Through this workshop, we hoped that everyone could appreciate light and shadow. We made a gigantic lantern comprised of little modules of artworks by participants and it was displayed as part of this iLIGHT 2016 event. This journey itself took an immense amount of effort.

■Collecting Materials (Collecting Mess).


We hit a bump at first on where to outsource all of these materials. We were encouraged to use recycled materials such as toilet rolls, egg cartons, A1 printer rolls and wine corks. All of us collected materials from many places; cafes, schools, hotels, printer shops or just by walking around clothing shops of streets of Singapore. As the event time drew closer, abundance of materials came pouring into our office. We barely had space to walk past our office corridor!

■Endless Brainstorming.
Our endless ideas came about two months ago, where we had many ideas of our own outlook on praising shadows keeping in mind to utilise items that we had collected so far. They are then collated together by LPA staff which with chief detective Mr Mende’s suggestions became a base point of our final design idea.

Endless ideas.
Mr Mende’s sketch.
Compilation of office iLIGHT ideas.

■Workshop Day!
After hours of finishing up the final touches of the modules, we got up early to commence the day that will make or break our final grind. A big truck that collected materials from our office, spared little space for any items to be added into it. A 3 m x 3 m x 1.8 h steel structure has been erected and waited for us to fill up the space with artwork modules. Our teamwork was a great blessing that made it all happen. Piles of paper rolls were laid out in a form of a pyramid- equipped with LED bulbs summiting its peak. RGB linear LED lights lined its perimeter. Egg cartons and toilet rolls completes the finish flooring. We anticipated participants to come in soon.

Building up the pyramid!
Busy as a bee.

■Participants came from all directions.
Blue skies were upon us. Sails floated through the bay. Music filled the air by the neighbouring cafes which all adds up into a lively atmosphere. Every single minute passed by, participants came from every directions requested to join in the fun. Little ones enjoyed their day with their parents. Adults enjoyed their time with family and friends.

Participants enjoying their day.

■A little world of their own.
Each participants grabbed a module which they were to fill in with their world of imaginations. We laid out 4-5 cardboard circles on the ground and supplied many kinds of art materials. Participants’ were very creative with cut-out shapes on top of coloured gels. Reflective coloured paper patterns. Glue sticks, wine corks and strings stacked together were displayed on each tube. All of this gave character to each module. Modules of imagination keeps piling up. Some initially wanted to stay for a short while ended up spending hours making more and more designs. For us, we continued building up the cube as well as guiding participants who needed help. Some participant even helped out voluntarily to build the module as they wanted to learn the process. Finally by the last wall came about, it is time for clean-up.

Proud of their own designs.
A mother assisting her child.

■It’s built!
It is finally up. Everyone was very happy with the result. Coloured papers, gels and silhouette shapes covered the tubes which became an impression of stained glass windows. Every artwork was unique. RGB linear light and LED bulbs accentuate the coloured tubes. Participants and staffs had a wonderful experience building it up together. It gave us a sense of pride as more people gathered around the cube to take pictures. To topped it all off, we had a group photo in front of the cube which ended our day. Hooray!

Passerby eyeing through the rolls.
Family precious bonding time.

Thank you!
To all parties that helped made this workshop a possibility. As well as, many thanks to participants whom enjoyed their day with us.

Venue: Fullerton Heritage
Event Sponsor: Krislite
Supporter: Marina Bay Sands and Naumi Libra