Other Activity

2050 TOKYO Nightscape Exhibition


Date: Nov. 2-8, 1998
Place: Tokyo Design Center, Galleria Hall

What kind of changes can we expect to see in the Tokyo nightscape of 2050? Through the discussion of experts from various fields and the prophecies of a 100 prophets, we were able to piece together clues to the nightscape of this bustling city a half a century away.

Talk Events /Round Table Live Talk 2050/World Nightscape Talk

We had a round-table discussion for seven consecutive days. Up to eight elite speakers will sit around a 2.4 m diameter round table and discuss under each theme. From the 1st to the 7th session, we discussed the issues of [Earth / Energy, Urban / Architecture, Information / Media, Science / Technology, Art / Design, Body / Sensation, Climate / Geography] and exchange future prediction theory. On the last session, we had a lap-up talk to conclude all talk series . It is not a symposium with a stiff shoulder, but operates in a friendly salon atmosphere.