City Walks and Salon

“Toyosu” Walking Tour / Lighting Survey – Shinjyuku, Sendai / Ginza Streetlight Competition, and more.


Space Studio, Yamagiwa Livina Showroom, Akihabara

5 March 2007

This month in cooperation with Yamagiwa Corp., we rented out the Space Studio in the Yamagiwa Livina Showroom in the Akihabara District of Tokyo. It is a big and spacious studio with designer furniture and light fixtures on display.

by: yukiko saito

Reported News, Surveys, and Events

  • Toyosu City Walk…Ken Okamoto
  • Shinjuku Urban Lighting Survey…Motoyo Ogawa
  • Sendai City Lighting Survey…Daisuke Yano
  • Transnational Tanteidan Forum 2006y…Saiko Tanuma
  • URA Exhibition…Mikine Yamamoto
  • Ginza Streetlight Competition…Saiko Tanuma

Toyosu City Walk

Space Studio, Yamagiwa Livina Showroom, Akihabara
Space Studio, Yamagiwa Livina Showroom, Akihabara
Space Studio, Yamagiwa Livina Showroom, Akihabara

Lighting Detective Ken Okamoto reported on the walk around the Toyosu area on February 16th. Ken presented a quality analysis on the overall lay of the area, the lighting guidelines of the city, and a critic of what he observed on the walk. During the walk, teams broke up to observe lighting in the following areas: Lalaport shopping area, streets, residential, Shibaura Technical University, office buildings, and the waterfront. All teams joined in a discussion, trading observations, critics, and suggestions.

Shinjuku Urban Lighting Survey

Lighting Detective member Motoyo Ohgawa reported next on an urban lighting survey of Shinjuku. The team ventured to the Tokyo district on November 17th to survey the facade along Yasukuni Blvd., the continually transforming Shinjuku Station perimeter, and from a perch onto of a skyscraper, a birds-eye-view of the city. The team started early in the morning and worked through the night to the next morning to be able to see the changes in one continuous day. The volume of work was amazing for just one day’s work, but Shinjuku is a big place and there are more streets to be scouted out in future surveys.

Sendai City Lighting Survey

The next urban lighting report covered the city of Sendai in Northern Japan and Lighting Detective Daisuke Yano reported on the team’s findings over a three-day trip to the city in December 2006. The main area of surveying was the illumination event, “Sendai Light Pageant,” an event facilitated by the city, but hand crafted by the citizens in the Northeast district of the city. The amount of lights draped among the trees is an amazing sight and visitors were overpowered by the brilliance. Yano compared this lighting event to the illumination along Keyakizaki in Tokyo`s Roppongi Hills. As always there is room for improvement in draping methods and design applications

Transnational Tanteidan Forum 2006 @ Singapore

Lighting Detective Saiko Tanuma reported on the Transnational Tanteidan Forum 2006 held in Singapore on November 22nd. This was the 5th forum and the topic of discussion this year was Facade Lighting. This was the first time for a report from Belgrade, a great addition as most in the audience were not familiar with the urban lighting environment of this city. After listening to all the presentations, Tanuma felt that Tokyo was definitely rich with spectrum of light.

URA Exhibition

Lighting Detective Yamamoto reported on “Lighting up our City Centre,” and exhibition held in conjunction with the TN forum 2006 in Singapore. Each booth in the hall explained different ideas proposed in the Singapore city center lighting masterplan, plus 8 general principals in lighting design.

Ginza Streetlight Competition

Last year the Ginza / Kyobashi / Nihonbashi / Chooh Blvd. International Lighting Design Counsel Planning Committee held a deign competition for street lighting along Chooh Blvd. Members discussed the design of the best five chosen by the committee. DL Totsune, who entered the contest, gave us a detailed account of his design process and challenging areas of this particular competition. The street is a main thoroughfare in the center of Tokyo and we are excited to see how the street will be transformed with the new lighting scheme.