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World Lighting Journey~World Nightscape Exhibition~


Date: May 14-June 9, 2003
Place: Matsuya Ginza 7F Design Gallery 1953
Host: Japan Design Committee

World Lighting Journey’ a collection of nightscapes from 50 cities around the world, taken over the course of 12 years, was exhibited in Ginza. During the exhibition period 7 members of the LPA staff were on hand to give seminars to visitors enjoying the wall-to-wall collection of photographs.

Date and Theme
May 14Yutaka Inaba(LPA / Detective)Shanghai
May 21Hideto Mori( LPA / Detective )Lyon
May 23Mari Kubota( LPA / Detective )Las Vegas
May 27Kentaro Tanaka( LPA / Detective )Bergen
May 30Ryuichi Sawada( LPA / Detective )Venice
May 03Hirohito Totsune( LPA / Detective )Dubai
June 06Kaoru Mende(LPA Principal / Chief)Conclusion