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New York is a modern city to beat all modern cities. Streets are lined with skyscrapers and the lighting adds to the excitement of the city. On the other hand, in neighborhoods like Chelsea, the lighting is minimal, creating a quiet and comfortable residential area. However, city street lighting has not advanced to support LED fixtures, along with businesses and public facilities which still use older lighting methods. New York is a city sensitive to crazes and fads, but the city doesn`t seem to have any interest in lighting trends.


Office lighting is usually a cooler, whitish tone, but office lighting in NYC seems to hover around 3000k, adding a touch of warmth to this concrete and steel jungle. Colored LED lighting is used periodically throughout the city, but full-on flood lighting seems to be on the way out, creating a very refined NYC nightscape.


A view of Manhattan from across the river. No lighting displays really stand out and there is no real facade lighting, either. Interior light escaping from windows is the main element of this famous nightscape. At dusk most windows are bright with light and help to outline each building, but as the interior lighting fades, the nightscape changes for a very dynamic view of the city.


Memories of 911 are still fresh in NYC. The victims` names and a cascade of water are dimly lit at the memorial, still blanketed in a solemn atmosphere. Depending on the viewer, the simple lighting elements in the pool are either a tribute to the victims or a symbol of hope for the future.