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Dallas, the stage for the assassination of President Kennedy and Fort Worth, a city of culture that attracts architects and designers from around the world. However, both cities have to compete under the hot Texas sun, with most buildings fitted with walls of heat reflective glass. This building style leaves only the edge of buildings for accent lighting, which often reflects onto nearby buildings.


From Reunion Tower, looking towards the glass skyscrapers in the west end of downtown Dallas. Strong accent light for other buildings is seen reflected in the facade.


The interior of Louise Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum, where his words “Light is the Theme” still echo. Natural light filters in through a slit opened at the top of the vault and reflects off of reflectors fitted into the architecture. The reflected light turns the vaulted ceilings brilliant silver.


The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth designed by Tadao Ando and completed in 2002. The main walls seen from the outside are lightly wall washed without intruding on the art pieces and exhibition space. The outer perimeter of the building reflects clear design intent in the careful composition of high-quality light. In the evening, reflections on the surface of the surrounding pond present another angle to this building.