Detective Note

Vol.029-What’s inside Mr. Mende bag?


What’s inside Mr. Mende bag?


Phraporn:I have seen Mr. Mende always carries the same backpack everywhere and curious what is it inside. If Mr. Mende does not mind, could you show what is it inside?

Mende: It is ok, but Phraporn, you should also show me what is inside your bag as well.

Phraporn: Okay, I will also share.

Mende: This is my third generation the same bag. I would prefer the backpack, which I can carry on one shoulder and I can easily grab the things.

My first item is the pencil bag, inside there are, 10b pencil for sketch, 0.5pencil for sharp sketch, eraser, fountain ink pen, normal pen, seal for signature, colour highlighter and multi-8 colour. They are all important for the sketches and writing in everyday use. So how about you?

Phraporn: I have pencil, pen, colour pencil, folding ruler, and a laser pointer pen.

Mende: my next item is B6 sketch paper. I am always carrying this for 30years, as you can see there is some damage at the cover. I need to write it down, as many things are going and moving at the same time. This one is about the design. This one is about the management/ strategy and this one is travelling sketches.

Phraporn: As I can see, there are different kinds of papers, how do you use them?

Mende:The thick paper is for important memo, the thin paper is for simple memo and the plain one is for the sketches. Some notes are very important so I keep them always with me, for example this one is from 2010 and this one I wrote it since 2011.

Phraporn: Why is it B6 size paper?

Mende: B6 is a good size to carry and I can easily share with other people, like playing card.

The next item is Lux meter. I always carry this Lux meter during the business trip, site visit and take it to university to teach students. Sometimes if I know that I’m going to interesting restaurant or place I have never been there, I’ll also carry this Lux meter to check.

This is reading glasses. I always use it, especially when reading on the Plane. This lens is very special, as they combined. The lower part is for reading at closer look and the other part is for normal distance.

This is the face mask. I always carry this mask just in case to protect the air. Sometimes it is very dry on the plane, so I will wear this mask.

This is paper fan. It is sometimes very hot, so this handy fan is helpful.

This is the shoehorn. It is very helpful for easily wearing my shoes. In Japan, many often we need to take off the shoes in restaurant, temple or visiting the house. So this piece will help me putting on the shoe.

These are some other small items like eye drop, laser pointer, candies, trump drive, calculators, small prism to check the range of spectrums.

I also have the postcards with attached stamp, so it is ready to send. This is inspired by Mr. Tadao Ando. He always sends me his Thank you card with his hand writing sketches. It gives more power than a simple email.

Phraporn: I have noticed your watch, it looks special with 2 clocks together. Can you explain why there are two?

Mende: I have Japanese time in24hrs and other local time in 12 hrs. format.

Phraporn: My last question, what is your favorite item that Mr. Mende needs to carry all the time. Things that you cannot leave without them.

Mende:Calendar for daily schedules. I prefer to write it down, not on the phone or computer. Sometimes yes I do register my Google calendar by myself but I still prefer to write it down, although my personal assistance may complain. People nowadays rely too much on the phone. We should write more and sketch more. Phraporn, are you still doing some sketches? I remember that you are good at sketching aren’t you?

Phraporn: I do sometime sketches but hardly nowadays. You’re right, previously I used to sketch or write down my note or schedule, which very help me to remember the things. But nowadays I use the phone, it is very easy to forget because it is too convenience.

Mende: yes, convenience is so dangerous for us. We can easily lose our ability.

Phraporn: Thank you very much. It is a very interesting discussion.