Lighting Detectives Photo Competition


Every Friday, we post photos collected from the detectives embers on Facebook and INSTAGRAM.
This year, we decided to hold a photo competition to collect more unique and fun photos.

The theme is “Lighting at Dining or for Eating & Drinking Time”.

There may be more opportunities to dine out with friends, colleagues, and family after almost all restrictions for COVID were removed.
Therefore, we have chosen ” Lighting at Dining or for Eating & Drinking Time ” as the theme of the competition.

The competition outline is as follows. Multiple entries are allowed.
We have prepared a gorgeous prize!!

We are waiting for your best photo!

≪Competition Outline≫

-Theme: ” Lighting at Dining or for Eating & Drinking Time “
-Deadline: September 17 (Sun.) Mid-night, TOKYO TIME
Grand Prize: 1 
Excellence Award: 2
Award of Merit : 3
Chief of the Lighting Detectives  Kaoru MENDE
Transnational Lighting Detectives Core Members  Charles Stone, Aleksandra Stratimirovic
Lighting Detectives Member  Shunichi Ikeda
-How to enter: Google Form (
If you cannot enter via Google Form, please send your photo with the following information by e-mail(
Name/ Affiliation/ Date and time of shooting/ Location/ Comments about the photo

Good Luck!!