Annual Forum

Core Member Meeting: Lucerne, Switzerland


Discussion at a rooftop cafe.
City walk through Lucerne and pictueresque photos on Kapellbrucke Bridge.
Core members enjoy Swiss food at the farewell party.

View of the old town from the new city center.

Kapell Bridge is one of the Europe`s oldest covered, wooded bridges.

View of Pilatus Mt. from the train window.

Chief Mende and other core member enjoy the bright mountain top.


10th Anniversary of TNT

The Transnational Lighting Detectives have reached the 10 year mark. Instead of a 2010 Forum, the core member convened to discuss and reaffirm the organizations role, concept, and vision. This discussion included how the TNT forum will be held in the future and possible formats. Eight core members, Alesandra Stratimirovic, Frederico Favero (Stockholm), Christof Fielstette, Ulrike Brandi (Hamburg), Lisbeth Skindbjerg Kristensen (Copenhagen), Kaoru Mende, Momoko Muraoka, Noriko Higashi (Tokyo), gathered in the beautiful lakeside town of Lucene, Switzerland.

Who are we? Why do we meet?

Our first item on the agenda was Who are the Transnational Lighting Detectives? and Why do we meet? All of the core members come from a variety of backgrounds, so it is important that there is a group consensus on these two points. Everyone is in agreement that we want to share our lighting cultures and experiences with each other, but what is the most important item concerning light is left up to debate.

Vision, Mission, Goals

The members also discussed a TNT roadmap for the future. The vision of TNT is to learn about local lighting cultures and in an open platform style, discuss the things we have experienced are discovered. The TNT mission is to learn about the lighting identity of different cultures and respect these cultures and identities, while having fun, of course. The ultimate goal of TNT is to talk about and think about the future of lighting.

Day Trip to Pilatus Mt.

One philosophy of lighting design is to learn from natural light. Under the bright Swiss sunlight, the core members climbed 2132 meter Pilatus Mt, by cable car, of course, built on a 30% incline. Through the bright sunlight and blinding reflection off the snow, we could see the lake and small Swiss town at the foot of the great range of mountains.

HP Renewal

One project for 2011is to renew the TNT homepage. Instead of each local chapter running a website, our goal is to compile a digital library of all the world lighting cityscapes photos we have collected over the past 10 years into one collective TNT website.

Last Words

It was a short 4 days 3 nights conference, but the agenda was long and talk was plentiful. Some members felt an annual core member conference might be a needed addition of the organization`s operations. All core members have a high awareness of lighting and lighting knowledge and I felt is it very important to use this successfully to benefit the organizations vision, mission, and goals.