Candle Night

Candle Night Sumer Solstice 2012 @ Omotesando – Eco Avenue


Date: June 23, 2012


“Turn off the lights and take it slow.”

The Lighting Detectives became involved with the Candle Night Event in 2003, starting on Harajuku Cat Street. We then moved the annual event to Omotesando in 2005 and now 10 years later, a total of 345 staff members, including local art university students, Lighting Detective members, and day-of-the-event volunteers are needed to stage the one-night event.

Candlenight@OMOTESANDO-Eco Avenue

Our goal and particularly important part of the event this year is the continuation of charity donations and an event that includes the local flavor of Omotesando. It has been one year since the massive earthquake and tsunami destroyed parts of North-Eastern coastline of Japan; the donations collected at the 2012 Candle Night will also go towards this recovery and needs of the disaster victims. Event staff, volunteers, and university students set up tables near the candle installations along Omotesando to collect donations and sell homemade candles, with all proceeds to be donated. On the day of the event donations were collected for 3-hours from 7pm to 10pm for a total of \205,278!!

This year, along with the conventional candle installations we also included a gallery event showcasing some of the fantastic original lanterns designed by local art university students and a panel of judges. Also, in coordination with a local bamboo lantern festival, lanterns carved from bamboo were also arranged along Omotesando. Visitors enjoyed the conventional Candle Night event along with a local flavor of the bamboo lantern festival.

This year we enjoyed clear skies for this outdoor event and are very gracious for all of those who came out to support Candle Night, their local community, and donate to the earthquake recovery effort. Thank you and see you next year!