Candle Night



A Free and Open Public Participation event!
Date and Time: 5 Nov 2011(Sat), 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Venue: Merlion Park, One Fullerton@ Marina Bay
Organizer: The Lighting Detectives Singapore
In collaboration with: The Fullerton Heritage
Supported by: Japan Creative Centre
Held in: Marina Bay

“Turn off the lights and take it slow”


Candle Night, an environmental and energy conservation event that helps in finding one’s inner sense of time, is the brainchild of a non-profit environmental group in Japan. During this one night event, main building facilities are “lit down”, and candle light events are held. Previous Candle Night events include the Candle Night @OMOTESANDO ? Eco Avenue held since 2003. Last year, we organized the first Candle night event in Singapore, in which over 500 people and public participants created floating lanterns at the Marina Bay.

For the 2011 Candle Night @ Marina Bay, the Lighting Detectives together with public participants will light up the Merlion Park and Promenade along One Fullerton in Marina Bay using candles prepared by the participants. Ambient lighting of the buildings in the vicinity will be dimmed in order to achieve the appropriate darkness required to enjoy the spectacle. Participating cafes and restaurants all along the waterfront will be able to enjoy a surrounding atmosphere of soft light with specially designed candles and lanterns in their outdoor seating areas. Using recyclable materials as the principal theme, young children as well as adult will create lanterns and join a Candle Parade starting from Merlion Park and passing through the promenade at twilight. Joining them will be art students from Singapore and Japan who will also make beautiful lanterns in various shapes and sizes. The event will also cater for free public participation to indulge in lantern making and for all to enjoy an evening of beautiful flickering candle light. The event is open to public.