City Walks and Salon

Vol.62 Round Table Discussion, Review on Ikebukuro


The 62nd Lighting Detectives Salon

2019.11.29 Noriko Higashi

We facilitated a review of our exploration of Ikebukuro. We presented our findings as the 4 groups that explored Ikebukuro. It was a great discussion with 20 participants.

Explanations using photos taken on the day

Review of Ikebukuro Nightwalk

Each group gathered their conclusion and presented them

20 participants sitting around a round table exchanging opinions

We facilitated a review meeting for the Ikebukuro nightwalk that happened on November 15th. As we split into 4 different groups in Ikebukuro and explored completely different areas, it was a fun time with many unique details in each presentation.

The Hero identified by group 1, who mainly explored the newly opened HAREZA and Sunshine 60, was the elegant white façade of PARCO, the HAREZA’s exterior, and the calm space of light in Naka-Ikebukuro Park.

On the other hand, the villains they identified were the large home electronics retailers and the other streets that were too bright. The worse offense, however, was committed by the dark and gloomy East Ikebukuro Central Park.

Group two explored starting at the East gate, then the Toshima area government office, and South Ikebukuro Park. Their villain that they identified was the overwhelming variety of bollard lights and streetlights. They perceived the glare from these lights to be quite strong and was just too bright.

Group 2’s hero is the lighting on the Toshima area government office stairs and its railing and the lights that looked like cherries in South Ikebukuro Park. Most of South Ikebukuro Park was dark, but some parts like the playground was highlighted and was a calming place even at night.

Group 3 explored Rikkyo University and Jiyuu Gakuen Meinichikan, and found it amazing. They recommended it as a place you must visit at night.

However, they did point out that the streetlights around Rikkyo Univerisity was a cold white color, but would be much better if it were light bulb colored and with reduced glare. Others also pointed out that the crime preventing lights in the residential neighborhoods were too bright and hurt their eyes.

Group 4 raised the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater as their Hero. The beautiful white and blue lighting leaves an impression and was elegant, leading to high praise. Heiwa Street was also praised for its streetlights that were at a low color temperature and a perfect brightness. There were opinions that this was a soothing light.

Their villain was the Global ring that was going to finish construction the next day. The indirect lighting on the circular louver’s dotty look and the fact that you can see the lights was disappointing.

Most thought they have a better impression of Ikebukuro than before they explored the area. It seems everyone was able to appreciate the thought that was put into making Ikebukuro and its parks more fun and safe to explore, even at night.

We can’t keep our eyes off the ever-changing nightscape of Ikebukuro. (Noriko Higashi)

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