City Walks and Salon

City Walk “Sumida River Waterbus Tour” / Lighting Survey – Mumbai, Korea


6 August 2004

City Walk

This month’s Salon included a variety of reports from members who traveled to places off the beaten track, globally and in our very own Tokyo, to survey, but of course lighting. The less glamorous countries and forgotten views of Tokyo help to give us, lighting designers and enthusiasts, fresh perspectives on everyday lighting and foreign lifestyles.

Mumbai, Jejudo, Busan, and the Sumida River are place you might just vaguely recognize, but Lighting Detective members shared their stories and adventures of what they found and learned in these lesser-known, but equally interesting places.

Reported News, Surveys, and Events

  • City Walk: Sumida River Waterbus Tour + Asakusa…Natsuko Ueda
  • Mumbai, India Lighting Survey…Kentaro Tanaka
  • Korea 3 City Tour Lighting Survey…Aki Hayakawa
  • Candle Night Summer 2004 Performance…Saiko Tanuma