Detective Note

No.61 – Staff Training Day



This topic may not directly concern the Lighting Detectives, but here’s what is on my mind. As a lighting design office and having to compete within this growing profession, I’d like to tell you about our recent staff workshop. As the creator of this workshop and after seeing the “serious faces” of my hardworking staff, I had to try out my new toy, a digital camera, to capture the moment.

LPA`s two offices, Tokyo and Singapore have grown to a staff of 30 with the average age in the late twenties. During this daylong workshop, we used previous LPA projects and noteworthy mounting detail as a platform to discuss LPA`s responsibilities, perspectives, and rights when dealing with architects, designers, and builders. However the situation in recent years has been good for business, but not for the education of our younger staff. We, veterans, have been too busy to properly rely the tricks of the trade and communicate with our younger staff so I have decided to schedule these biannual staff workshops. I don’t plan to make the workshops a huge production, like at a big firm, but, in a relaxing atmosphere, create a meaningful opportunity to discuss relevant and important topics, things on the mind of the younger staff. But, take a look at these photos. The staff are very serious and poised!

For my part of the presentation, I created a flow chart outlining the design process from start to finish, a process that is engrained in the way I work. I put my thoughts and actions into words outlining how a professional lighting designer should respond to and answer a client’s requests, how to balance responsibility and creative work, and general on-the-job professionalism.

Other associates and directors also prepared materials under given topics. And it turned out to be a good day. When we decided to fly in the Singapore staff to the Tokyo office for this one-day workshop the presenters realized that this was a big deal and prepared accordingly. It was a great opportunity not only for the younger staff to learn something, but also for us veterans on being the teachers and presenters of the information.

The second floor meeting room at LPA was packed! Lots of questions were asked, delicious catering for lunch, and group photo on the fourth floor terrace. It was so fun and informative, we are going to make it a twice yearly event. The next workshop is set for October, maybe Singapore or Bali. I want to have fun while we work hard!