Annual Forum

1st Annual TN Forum: 2002 / Tokyo Regional Lighting Environment


DateDecember: 6th, 2002
Program: Symposium
Venue: Tokyo Design Center


Theme of Transnational Tanteidan Forum 2002 in TOKYO was “Regional Lighting Environment.” Various regions around the world have nurtured characteristic cultures of light. The globalization of information and industries, however, has been standardizing lighting technologies, which has caused the loss of unique lighting cultures created through individual ethnic culture, climate, history, religion, and social conditions. It is interesting to comparatively study people’s living environments with the focus on “regional light.” Through discussing similarities and differences in cultures, we may contribute to the preservation of characteristics in regional lighting cultures and create new cultures of light.

Lighting Detectives always researches and studies the current lighting environment of a place. Light is “collected,” categorizing lights into four groups: urban lighting, architectural lighting, residential lighting, and lighting of special events and celebrations. The current situations are researched and reported. We seek significance in lighting through comparing and analyzing the lighting environments.