City Walks and Salon

City Walk “Minato Mirai Subway Line” / Lighting Survey – Sydney, Las Vegas, Paris / Messe Frankfurt Light Fair Report


31 May 2004

Lighting Detective Headquarters, Shibuya
Lighting Detective Headquarters, Shibuya
Lighting Detective Headquarters, Shibuya

Back around the round table of the Lighting Detective Headquarters, club members gathered for another night of discussion, slideshows, and of course refreshments! This discussion included a whopping 3 overseas lighting survey reports, city walking tour pictures, and a report from club member, Musashino Art University student, Teruhiko Kubota on his recent trip to Italia.

This was my first Salon, and I was surprised to see so many members with diverse backgrounds, students, lighting professionals, and others, who came together because a shared interesting in lighting to discuss, laugh, and be inspired.

Reported News, Surveys, and Events

  • Sydney, Australia Lighting Survey…Saiko Tanuma
  • Las Vegas Light Fair Report and Survey…Ken Okamoto
  • Messe Frankfurt Light Fair Report…Kaoru Mende
  • Paris Lighting Survey…Kaoru Mende
  • City Walk: Minato Mirai Subway Line…Chika Tanaka
  • Travels: Roma, Italia Report…Teruhiko Kubota