Global Research

MOSCOW 2008, Russia


During the day short sleeves are fine, but even the Russian summer nights are cool with a little bit of white breathe after the sun goes down. Many main roads run through the middle of Moscow with classic Stalin style architecture lining the sides of the streets. The detailed, but dynamic lighting is very becoming for this architecture. On the other hand, lighting for roadways and plazas is rougher and not as artistically finished.


The Red Square has been the stage for numerous historical events. The entire plaza is beautiful paved in stone, but at night huge floodlights shine huge amounts of light on the plaza and the glare is unbelievable.


This beautiful, palace-like subway station platform is not uncommon in Moscow. We didn’t see one naked fluorescent light, very common in Japan, but each platform space was softly lit with indirect lighting.


In the suburbs of Moscow along the river is the new “Moscow City,” a large multi-complex project still under construction. The developed area is a whopping 10,000 sqkm! What kind of lighting will this new town have? We’ll have to wait until its finished in 2020.