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PRAHA, Czech Republic


Praha, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a one of the European cities with several buildings, streets, and city features preserved from the middle ages, and a very popular destination for tourists. The city, also famous for its many steeples and spires, is referred to as the City of a 100 Steeples. Around the city, streetlamps have been changed to LED fixtures and LEDs are used in flood lighting as well. This is a city to watch for future shifts and movement in the lighting environment.


The Prague Castle is a complex of several architectural structures and is one of the oldest castles in the world. Several flood lights mounted on the ground and on roof tops uniformly illuminate the castle facade. From the opposite bank of the Valtava River, the entire castle is visible through a light mist.


In the old town, milky-white globe lanterns line the streets. From afar the city seems to be surrounded in an orange haze.


Wenceslas Square is situated in the new town of Praha. The middle ages atmosphere is preserved in the plaza, but several modern structures are also built. Along with several pole streetlights, bright luminous signage also stands out in the plaza.