Global Research

WIEN, Austria


Wien is a city of artistic culture built upon the glory of the Habsburg Family Rein. Floodlights illuminate the heavy, stone architecture along the old streets, but just across the way is newer architecture with systems of LED`s that illuminate shear glass facades. The clash between the old empire and new culture is clearly visible in this city.


viView of the City of Wien from Donauturm Observatory. The city, clustered around the Danubian River as it winds through the urban landscape, is beautiful at dusk.


Nineteenth-century buildings used to store gasoline, Gasometer, have been transformed in to apartment buildings, shopping malls, and other facilities in 2001. Lights from the new living quarters spill out over the redeveloped area.


Stephans Plaza at night. All the shops are closed, but store windows are aglow with soft light. Neon lights and other illuminated signage are also more visible along this street.