Hero!! or Villain?! That is the lighting question. In cities worldwide there are all types of different lighting environments, some are exciting, romantic or relaxing and some are outright shocking or unpleasant. Vote to Hero or Villain for this month’s pick. You be the judge.
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  • Balloon construction lighting in Tokyo

    Balloon lighting for a construction suddenly appears on a street one day. It emits intense light and instantly changes the atmosphere in the area.

    But this light works on a dark, quiet night and supports our daily lives. I think it’s a little dazzling, but I can’t hate it completely. Is it because of its round shape? I would like to see construction lights that are comfortable for passers-by. Is this a hero or a villain for you?

    Photo by: Satomi Yamaguchi from Tokyo


    It is very interesting. Votes are totally divided into half of heroes and villains. I would like to hear the opinions of each voters in detail. I love this balloon lighting for construction and have never thought this was glary. It seems to be easier to use than the spotlight. Maybe it is because I respect the people who work at night.