Hero!! or Villain?! That is the lighting question. In cities worldwide there are all types of different lighting environments, some are exciting, romantic or relaxing and some are outright shocking or unpleasant. Vote to Hero or Villain for this month’s pick. You be the judge.
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  • Local Taxi at Koh Lanta, Krabi

    Local Taxi at Koh Lanta (Lanta Island), Krabi, Thailand. Local people decorate their Taxi with colorful lighting as a symbol for passenger to realize a Taxi service. There are limited source of artificial lighting at this far away island and I very much enjoyed the beautiful night sky at the resort. I find a little entertain and safe to ride on this colorful taxi when surrounding with the completely dark at the road side. Is this a hero or villain for you?
    Photo by: Phraporn Kasemtavornsilpa (from Singapore)


    A little entertainment goes along with the night view at the resort. It's not something you're going to spend that much time on, so as long as you have a fun cab ride, it should be OK. I vote for the hero.