Hero!! or Villain?! That is the lighting question. In cities worldwide there are all types of different lighting environments, some are exciting, romantic or relaxing and some are outright shocking or unpleasant. Vote to Hero or Villain for this month’s pick. You be the judge.
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  • Street in Santiago, Chile

    The sodium street light illuminates the building and creates a charming atmosphere. On the other hand, it invades inside building and ruin its atmosphere.

    Is this a hero or villain to you?

    Photo by: Mikine Yamamoto


    The judge for hero and villain this month was almost evenly divided.The warm scenery is a hero but the glary light close to the window is a villain for the residents.

    I am sure that this villain will become a perfect hero if we cover the lamp with some simple shield.We should always give a villain a chance to become a hero.